By Tiffany Barton
Directed by James Winter
Assistant director: Zane Alexander
The Guild Courtyard, 123 Claisebrook Rd, Perth

Multi-award winning dramatist Tiffany Barton's tale of violence and redemption opened the Fremantle Festival 2014.

Metalhead returns to Perth's Fringe World Festival, 2015.

Starring Ian Bolgia, Tornina Torres, CJ Hampson, Declan Brown, Toby Franks, Chelsea Gibson and Clarence Ryan. Costumes/set: Cherie Hewson. Sound: Max Porotto.

“Welcome to Violence”, the mining town where the streets are paved with red dirt, the people have hearts of iron and four teenagers are up to their necks in strife. Life has shafted them just as surely as Violence’s iron ore mine has shafted the local landscape until... out of the desert walk two mysterious nomads who profess to have the answers to everyone’s problems.

'Metalhead’ is part ghost story, part magic realism, with a pumping contemporary soundtrack, enigmatic characters and a strange brew of madness, mystery and fraught sexual politics.

Clarence Ryan won the 2015 WA Emerging Artist Award for his performance in Metalhead.

'Tiffany Barton’s outstanding, intricate and heart-wrenchingly real script, coupled with the absolutely
captivating directorial skills of James Winter and outstanding performances from each cast member
makes Metalhead a ‘must see’ production for this years Fringe.'

Rotunda Media. Feb 15

'Metalhead is wonderful piece of theatre that showcases an exceptional cast.'

Perth Theatre Review

'The inherent relevance of Metalhead to contemporary Western Australia is not easily missed, the
play conveys powerfully issues of Australian culture and lifestyle, allowing audiences to engage and
contemplate reality. Reality that is closer to home than most think.'

Rotunda Media. Oct 14

'Undoubted power, unflinching conviction.'

The West Australian

‘A powerful play in an intimate setting... richly written and cleverly structured... weaves its magic between reality and ghosts.’

The Independent Theatre Association

'At a remove from the froth and bubble of many Fringe productions featuring young casts, Metalhead
demonstrates the depth of passionate talent through all levels of theatrical performance that drives
Western Australia’s current cultural development.'

Performing Artshub

"This superbly acted play is confronting, at many points harrowing, and is guaranteed to leave an

Performing Arts WA