Pollys Waffle

A great piece of electro-shock black comedy about the twin sins of gluttony and lust, and it’s a hoot from start to finish. It’s crass, filthy, bawdy and laugh out loud funny.” (Pip Christmas, The West Australian, March 2008).

Polly's Waffle has played to rave reviews in Perth and at The New York Fringe Festival. Starring Ian Bolgia and Summer Williams as the delightfully slutty Evelyn and the tortured fat girl Polly. Written by Tiffany Barton and directed by Sydney’s multiaward winning James Winter.

Polly's Waffle is edgy, provocative theatre for those who like their entertainment dark and risqué. It’s an ultra-black, highimpact comedy dealing with female lust and gluttony and uses explicit language and bawdy humour to explore the link between sexual anorexia and gluttony, and the anorexia and gluttony we more commonly associate with food. Polly is a fat, ugly girl who stuffs herself with food and starves herself of sex. Her sexy, thin flatmate Evelyn stuffs herself with sex and starves herself of food. These two polarised women are revolted by each other at the same time as being fused together by their shared pain. As the play progresses, secrets are revealed, insults (and food) hurled, and the deep dark forces that drive them are unleashed. Gordon Johnston, reviewing for the Independent Theatre Association website wrote, ‘This hilarious play...starts with 15 minutes of non-stop, eye watering absurdity, the kind where you will shake your head and think, “Did she really say that?” ’

"This play is both startling and startlingly profound and you would do well to catch it whilst it’s on this continent. It’s refreshing in this day and age to see a piece of theater that really takes advantage of what only live theater can be." NYtheatre.com "... Deb and I haven't been able to stop talking about your play...congrats...great job mate." Hugh Jackman