Vampires, Demons and the Undead; Exploring the Gothic

In this drama workshop teenagers have full permission to let their shadow sides rise up from the coffins of their subconscious. Using games, improvisation and scenes from classic horror literature and movies, participants will create sinister characters, supernatural scenarios, and spine tingling stories.

Available for 10- 16 year olds. Please bring a scary prop and/or item of gothic clothing and plenty of courage! Fangs, fake blood and makeup also welcome.

The workshop will include voice and body warm ups, scary drama games, story- telling, character creation, improvisation and some work with text. (ie excerpts from Frankenstein, Jane Eyre, Dracula, Suckathumb, The Tell Tale Heart, Fall of the House of Usher and True Blood or Twilight.) There will be prizes for the scariest costume, the scariest story and the scariest actor.

Length of workshop: three hours (duration can be adjusted to accommodate school schedules) Price: $300.